About GBI Capital

GBI Capital is an investment fund specializing in agribusiness and the digital economy with geographical scope on the African continent.

Our long-term goal is to position ourselves as a key player not only in terms of mastering the business environment in Africa, but also in terms of creating wealth on the continent.

We intend to position ourselves on the African Market as a strategic player in the development of industry in Africa. In order to improve and positively impact the economic life of the continent, we have seen fit to make the agro-industrial sector and the digital economy our battlefield by focusing our efforts on the segments of Agribusiness, Agribusiness and the platform economy.

We understand well the needs of the agribusiness sector and the crucial role that this sector could play within Africa's development dynamics in the medium and long term if a significant investment was allocated. As a result, we have opted for a strategic focus on specialization in high impact, high demand and continental reach sectors.