Investment Strategy


The agri-food industry in Africa represents a $ 1 trillion market by 2030, according to AGRA, limiting imports and developing processing and transformation factories at the local level is the nest focus of the continent

Digital Economy

With a smartphone penetration rate of 55% in Africa (660 million inhabitants will be equipped with a smartphone in 2020) According to Deloitte forecasts, Africa’s platform economy market was valued at $5.7 billion in 2017 and these revenues will still increase

Our Venture Investment segment

Our strategy is to invest in early stage companies across

  • Pre – Seed (€75K- €100K):

    GBI Capital, we invest up to 75,000 in exchange for to 30% equity. We prefer to be the sole investor at the pre-seed stage GBI will lead rounds until €100,000 for 30% target ownership. We will anchor round up to 100,000 and be the only investor around the table.

  • Seed (€200K - €375K):

    GGBI Capital invests up to €200,000 in initial investment. Our general strategy is to be the lead investor and other investors in rounds step. We want to build strong reputation and expertise that will make well established investors, mentors and founders actively seek for us out when they are starting their companies.

  • GBI Capital will invest up to €375,000 in initial investment.
  • Follow-on Strategy:

    GBI Capital follow-on in approximatively 25% of the fund. The strategy is to follow on in up to two rounds after the initial GBI Investment.

    We are able to define our position in best companies but we not able to do it long enough Founders fights fight for our pro-rata.

Our LBO segment

Our capital - development & LBO aims at acquiring or entering the capital of mature companies operating in the agro-industry sector in order to support them in their growth.

Our LBO segment aims at acquiring or entering the capital of companies operating in the agribusiness, agri-food, Technology and digital economy sector in order to support them in their growth.

Agro-industry is booming and contributing up to 35% of the continent's GDP, and considering projections in terms of demography and purchasing power by 2030 in Africa, we were not able to find better opportunity than positioning ourselves in this strategic market.

We want to invest in large underperforming companies, with at least 20 Million as annual revenue and confronted with:

  • situation of financial, structural, operational and managerial difficulties
  • A situation of capital increase, during a new phase of development (launch of a new range of products, renewal of the production apparatus ...)